Thanks Jan and Jef for creating such a warm memorial for my mother Virginia. We placed the framed collage on an easel at the funeral service and was happy that everyone who saw it knew a little bit more about her. It's now hanging on the living room wall and brings me smiles whenever I pass it. Russel.


I love what you two did with my precious photograph. You both made such good judgments in erasing all the extraneous objects that detracted from the two of us dancing and gave me back an image that was much more evocative of the occasion on which it was taken. You knew exactly what to do, and by the way, everybody that sees that photo comments on it. Thank you! Barbara.


Thank you Jef`you truly are amazing...I love it!  You retouched my business portrait so beautifully it made me smile from ear to ear! Wow! Now if I only saw myself like this. I am also using this stunning portrait for a new look on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Lisa.


Thanks so much for the wonderful collage you created for Pop's!! It was a total hit with the family this year for the holidays. I knew that it would look this awesome after I met you both. We framed it and even the framer was impressed with it when we showed it to him...its not every day that your grandfather wins a Olympic Silver medal. We just had to turn these wonderful photographs into an heirloom so we can pass it down to our kids. Barbara.


WOWWOWWOW!!! I don't even want to know how you both did it because it MUST have been sorcery for sure. You moved around faces and smiles to create the most perfect portrait of my large family from our recent family snapshots, even the baby was smiling. It has become a happy memory of that special reunion and I thank you both very much for your patience and talents. Ludmila.


Thanks again for the inspiring collage you and Jan created for my husband's 60th birthday, it was a big hit. He especially loved the inclusion of the Greek letters floating in the background. Thanks so much for your patience with my schedule, it relaxed me. Deborah.


Jan and Jef I wanted to thank you both very much for the 'New' photograph you both made for me of the photograph of my parents that needed major help! I framed it and put it on the counter and it looks terrific. What a difference! Cary was very impressed with the fabulous job you did and I really do appreciate the talent that goes into the magic that you both perform on a daily basis. Marisela.


Jan and Jef I was overjoyed with how fabulous the family collage came out. Thank you for your creative ideas and was overjoyed that you were able to finish it before my 40th Anniversary party. My husband was shocked that I gave him something so creative. Sue.


Jef and Jan thank you so much for the fantastic collage you both created for my husband's 70th birthday. You both are a terrific couple and I loved every second of my experience with you both. Cooky.


Jan the restoration job you did on my grandparents wedding picture was absolutely wonderful!! The best part about it was that now I know what they looked like when they married 96 years ago. The photograph was so brittle and faded only a miracle could have saved it and then I met you and Jef. Thanks for spending the extra time to crop it into a standard size so I can give it as presents. Lisa.


My husband Frank opened up his birthday collage yesterday and I wanted to let you both know how happy he was with the finished product. He basically said it was perfect and hung it up immediately! So give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done and in time for his 60th birthday! Bethany.


Jef thanks so much for the beautiful restoration you did on my mother's portrait and the extra copies I ordered came in handy for Thanksgiving. Your attention to the details in the photograph blew me away! Karen.


Jef and Jan this email is long overdue, just wanted to say thank you for the great job you both did for me on my business photo! You updated the background and did things no plastic surgeon could ever do and I appreciate it. I get many complementary remarks about it so I know my business can only get better this year. Jessica.